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XR Design Thinking Asynchronous Meeting

As a global community, we understand the importance of inclusive communication that transcends borders and time zones. That’s why we’ve decided to transition to asynchronous meetings with the help of Miro. By utilizing this innovative platform, we can collaborate and share ideas on our own schedules, without being limited by physical location or conflicting time … Read moreXR Design Thinking Asynchronous Meeting

Fully-funded PhD positions related to Metaverse

1) PhD in “Connecting online musicians and audiences to reduce travels and pollution” The PhD will focus on the creation of musical interactions in shared augmented/virtual environments, for performance settings. Related topics that may be investigated include music emotion recognition, binaural audio, virtual acoustics and 5G networking. Required skills:  M.Sc. degree in computer science, electronics, … Read moreFully-funded PhD positions related to Metaverse

Open Call for Committee Membership

We are looking for globally dispersed volunteers to join us to form the following commitees -Metaverse Learning Center Committee -Metaverse Knowledge Classification Committee -Metaverse HCI Committee -Metaverse Startup Committee Please register here, then complete this form. Best Regards, Metaverse ACM SIGCHI Chapter

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