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    If you have read or authored a useful book for learning about the metaverse, please share it in this forum. We will review your submission and if it gets qualified we list it in the learning center. 

    The above book was very useful for me


    I preordered Navigating the Metaverse: A Guide to Limitless Possibilities in a Web 3.0 World. It is written by Cathy Hackl, Dirk Lueth and, Tommaso Di Bartolo, I try to write a review after reading.


    It goes viral on #Twitter
    It is very inspiring for designers.

    “What if you walk along and everything that you see is more than what you see-
    the person in the T-shirt and slacks is a warrior, the space that appears empty is a
    secret door to an alternate world? What if, on a crowded street, you look up and
    see something appear that should not, given what we know, be there? You either
    shake your head and dismiss it or you accept that there is much more to the world
    than we think. Perhaps it really is a doorway to another place. If you choose to go
    inside you might find many unexpected things.”
    -Sigeru Miyamoto
    Link to book in Amazon:

    Do we need a new taxonomy for this type of resources? I choose the Metaverse Mindset for this post

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    I noticed this in my Twitter Timeline and it seems these are interesting suggestions.

    Design Interactions by Bill Moggridge

    Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda

    The Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen

    Prosocial by P. Atkinson, D.Wilson, S.Hayes

    Pendulum of Innovation by Takram Design
    Alessio Grancini is a prototyping engineer at MagicLeap


    I think we should list the relevant science fiction books too, for example the Snow Crash was published 1992 and predicted future technology. Science -fiction books can help people to have a shared mindset about Metaverse


    it is not a book but I think it can be a useful resource

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