MetaverseCHI is dedicated to community, education, research, and service, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction within the context of Computer-Mediated Realities. This chapter is not limited to a certain location, and MetaverseCHI welcomes attendees from all places, backgrounds, and experience levels.

MetaverseCHI is a volunteer-led, member-driven organization

What We Do

Documenting & Preserving Knowledge of the Metaverse Practitioners 

Promoting Useful Academic Papers for Advancing the Metaverse with the Practitioners

Developing Virtual Places for Networking of HCI Community from all parts of the world 

MetaverseCHI events aim to create a fun, and engaging, environment for Netizens in Metaverse. This is why our events take place in virtual environments like Mozila Hub.

Our Parent Organizations


ACM logo

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is the premier global community of computing professionals and students with nearly 100,000 student and professional members in more than 190 countries. Established in 1947, ACM is dedicated to advancing computing as a science & profession, and delivers resources such as:

  • A robust Digital Library
  • Publications
  • Standards
  • Achievement awards
  • Networking opportunities
  • Life-long learning
  • Career development

Within the ACM, there are over 200 professional and 800 student chapters worldwide, driving networking and learning on a local level. Most of ACM’s activities are driven through dozens of special-interest groups (SIGs).


ACM SIGCHI is the ACM’s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction. It is the leading international community of professionals interested in research, education, and the practical application of human-computer interaction. The mission of ACM SIGCHI is to support professional growth of its members who are interested in how people interact with technologies and how technology changes society. 

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