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    JanusVR combines the power of internet freedom with the potential of virtual reality. Websites become immersive spaces linked by portals, where users can explore, collaborate, and author content on a platform that builds upon the open web.

    Create 3D content in a real-time collaborative editor with no code
    Author using our extended HTML and Javascript framework with WebXR support
    Easily add social and interlinked experiences to your virtual worlds
    Open source C++ and JS web clients, networking server, and tools for porting content
    Optimized for 2D displays with VR support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, WMR, and other I/O
    Navigate using traditional gamer controls, touch, teleportation, or 3D hand gestures
    Real-time physics, physically based rendering, spatialized audio, glTF 2.0 support
    Customize your avatar (see examples)
    Talk, chat, and surf the 2D web in 3D environments with others!




    Janus is an early release open source 3D internet browser and visual editor where users can meet and create VR content together in real-time. Like internet browsers before it, the content made with Janus is hosted externally from itself, existing on the domain of your choice.



    Port of the native client to Android devices.



    Javascript web client built from the ground up with feature parity with the native Janus version to run on standard web browsers


    Janus Tools

    Import and Export scenes between different game engines and development environments using open source plugins.

    Export from Unity / Unreal / Blender to WebVR
    Out of the box multiplayer support with Janus Presence
    Build maps 10x faster with your team using Janus
    Recycle content back into your favorite development environments

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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