MeetKai: AI for Virtual Reality

MeetKAI is a conversational AI company, this company has unveiled a new generation of AI recently.

its first lifestyle VR world: MeetKai Metaverse, an ever evolving multiverse where exclusive experiences become reachable with the help of VR and Artificial Intelligence. The entire experience is driven by AI, with tours and questions answered by a virtual curator, allowing for an unlimited amount of content. When boxing, dynamically generated workouts are created to give each user a completely unique workout experience depending on their skill level, and for its Wing Chun experience, MeetKai distilled the teachings of a leading expert into an AI that can tailor craft sessions for each person based on their needs.

James Kaplan, the CEO Of MeetKai stated:

“With our conversational AI we can enable experiences that would otherwise be unreachable or exclusive. Conversational AI is going to be the key in what comes to be known as the metaverse. If we want to create a true second place where people can live and experience more of the world, it cannot be done without intelligent conversation”.

It is obvious that AI is a key pillar of metaverse, and if you are working on the intersection of AI and XR at any level , we would be happy to hear from you!

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