Scaniverse new update made it an essential tool for Metaverse

Scaniverse was one of the best 3d scanning applications for iOS, and it allows users to scan the environment with LiDAR sensor. Five days ago, Scaniverse released a new update, and This latest update includes a new handy photogrammetry tool. It allows users to create digital clones of people and small objects. Detail Mode is a new processing mode for Scaniverse, in addition to the existing LiDAR options. It uses photogrammetry to produce high-quality scans of people, objects, and smaller scenes with lots of texture.

I installed it yesterday, and I can not stop myself from scanning objects.
Creating a digital version of the real world is a critical step toward Metaverse, and this new update can play an essential role in this goal. It will enable you to bring anything to virtual worlds.

You can install it yourself or check the objects I uploaded to Sketchfab. I’m going to use it for Metaverse CHI VR Museum.

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