Metaverse: The Vision for the Future

In recent years, the notion of the Metaverse has become the focus of a growing body of work in the industry. However, there is no consensus on the conceptualization in academia. To date, much of this attention has revolved around technological challenges. However, what is notably missing from these discussions is a consideration of the human factors and social aspects that are considered more critical challenges within HCI. The aims of this SIG are as follows: Firstly, to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to engage with the various definitions and the ways in which the Metaverse is developing. Secondly, to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and future possibilities in the context of HCI. This will lay the foundations to build a network for academics interested in the field for future multidisciplinary research relating to the Metaverse.

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Authors: Jiangnan Xu , Konstantinos Papangelis , John Dunham , Jorge Goncalves , Nicolas James LaLone , Alan Chamberlain , Ioanna Lykourentzou , Federica L Vinella , David I Schwartz

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